Simple ways to avoid Sewer Issues –

Since Sewer repairs can be costly it would be a good idea to try and do everything you can to keep your sewer clean and avoid any problems in the future. The number one rule to avoiding these issues is to keep things CLEAN!

1.While doing the dishes; don’t pour any vinegar or baking soda down the drain! You don’t want that stuff going down your drains and causing problems

2.Don’t throw food or any objects down the drain that shouldn’t be there; simple and common sense – if you don’t want your sewer to clog up then don’t throw unwanted objects in there! Such as cooking grease and oil.

3.Don’t flush anything down the toilet apart from Toilet Paper! Don’t risk it!

4.Install a small drainer in your sink so that food doesn’t go down your drain and it practically just collects it; this is a cheap and easy option to avoid your sink clogging upSewer - Wilco Plumbing

5.Having a shower? Always clean out hair and other material that is in the way to avoid it blocking the drain. If you don’t clean it regularly you will most likely end up with a blocked drain and that could smell pretty bad!


These are the 5 simple ways to prevent sewer problems or Call us NOW on 1300 79 39 72 if you have any sewer issues you cant handle