All about Gas Fitting Services in Bankstown

Used on dangerous, harmful gasses like propane or phosgene, gas fittings are specifically designed to keep people protected against potential hazards.  With many different styles, each different gas fitting has a specific purpose that depends on how they will be used. 

Some of the most commonly used types of gas fittings include a cross shape, adapter, pit less adapter,  30 degree fitting, 60 degree fitting, quick couplers and a 45 degree fitting.  In addition to the many different styles of gas fittings that are used is the type of material that they are made out of. 

These unique fittings can be made from a wide range of various metals and materials like bronze, aluminium, glass, cast iron, nickel, steel, rubber, ceramic and copper.  While a few types of fittings are frequently used for different gas procedures, some more advanced operations require specialized gas fittings like expansion joints, lined fittings, side outlets, plated glass fittings and bullhead fittings.  When using a gas fitting, it’s extremely important to know which type of fitting is necessary for you to complete your job.  Using the wrong type of gas fitting can be extremely dangerous. 


Wilco Plumbing are fully licensed gas fitters in Bankstown offering safe repair, inspection and replacement of Gas Fittings & Repairs, gas hot water systems, gas heaters and gas cooking appliances. We handle all gas fitting requirements for residential, commercial and industrial including gas pipe installation and gas pipe repairs.  Our experienced, qualified and fully-licensed home gas fitters can install or fix any gas kitchen appliance on the market including:


  • Gas Ovens
  • Gas Cook TopsGas Fittings in Bankstown
  • Gas Stoves
  • Outdoor Gas BBQ Installation and Repair
  • Gas Leak Repairs


For restaurants and cafes, we can install or repair any specialised gas cooking technology including: Deep Fryers, Ranges, Salamanders, Griddles, Flare Grills, Gas Hobs, Gas Range Repairs, Gas Safety Inspections, Gas Lines and Installation for Cafe and Restaurant Fitouts. Our plumbers operate on a 24/7 basis in Bankstown and other surrounding suburbs.


We also supply and install Gas Hot Water Systems, Electric Hot Water Systems and Solar Hot Water Systems.

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