Rheem Hot Water Systems –

Rheem is one of Australians favourite Hot Water System. Its known to be “Steady, hot and strong!” so why not purchase a Rheem to suit your hot water needs. Rheem has the broadest range of hot water systems including;

  • Solar
  • Gasrheem hot water
  • Electric storage
  • Continuous flow or heat pump

They also have a variety of energy efficient water heaters in different sizes to suit everyone’s needs. If you don’t want to risk having a cold shower then Call our Rheem hot water experts from Wilco Plumbing on 1300 79 39 72. Here at Wilco, we have been repairing and installing Rheem hot water systems for many years and we’ve never had a problem installing one.

The Rheemglas range start at a 25L tank and go up to 400L in size. They have a range of features where they provide the same mains pressure when there’s several taps being used at the same time. They are specifically designed for off-peak usage for the larger tanks and also they are available in both single and twin element options.

Be sure to contact Wilco Plumbing on 1300 79 39 72 for all your Rheem hot water installations and repairs.