Terms and Conditions Apply 

Lifetime labour warranty                                                        

Wilco Home Services offers a lifetime labour warranty on all service work. We guarantee that all labour work is carried out in accordance with the Australian Standards. * If the work is not carried out to your satisfaction we will re-do the job for free.

Warranty on Parts

Parts & materials are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty for a minimum of 12 months. Excludes all tap washers, gaskets and seals. Manufacturer’s warranty on Hot water services can vary between 2-10 years.

 Water Jet Drain Cleaning Solutions & Drain Renewal Solutions

If your drain has been cleared by Wilco Home Services and blocks again, Wilco will carry out 1 of the following in an attempt to clear the blockage.

A – No Charge Warranty

  1. Your drain must have been inspected by a Wilco qualified technician using a Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Drain Camera.
  2. The blockage must be in the same section of the drain that was cleared last time by Wilco; this warranty is applicable within a 90 Day period of the paid visit & includes up to 30 minutes labour at no charge.

B – *Conditional Warranty – Lifetime

  1. As long as Wilco has attended your blocked drain (outside of the 90-day period) we will return and attempt to clear for only $99.00. Includes GST & up to 30 minutes labour. The blockage must be in the same section of the drain that was cleared last time by Wilco.
  2. Any additional services required while on site will be discounted by 15%

Trenchless Rehabilitation Solutions/Sectional Relines

All trenchless pipe rehabilitation is covered by a full 35-year warranty, pending CCTV inspection at no charge. If the section of pipe is found to be faulty or the cause of the blockage, we will rectify all repairs at no cost to you. All customers must book in an annual inspection in order to maintain the warranty that is provided.

Chemical Drain Cleaning Solutions

RootX and Vaporooter are covered by a 12-month warranty, pending CCTV inspection at no charge. All CCTV and drain cleaning required in a 12-month period is to be carried out at no extra charge.

Hot Water Heater Solutions

Lifetime warranty is available on all hot water services installed by Wilco Home Services. We will replace your hot water service at no cost to you whilst you are residing in the same residence the hot water replacement was carried out. For warranty to be valid, you must be a service agreement customer, all work on the hot water service must be carried out by Wilco Home Services and you have to have an annual check up to your hot water service.

Wilco Call Out Fees: 

There is a $39.00 call out fee between 7am-3pm, Mon-Fri for RESIDENTIAL home owners.. the fee will be waived ONLY if a customer goes ahead with the work quoted on.

There is a $120 call out fee + cost of the repairs for COMMERCIAL AND TENANTED PROPERTIES.

The call out fee will increase after 3pm, becoming emergency hours.

Wilco Offers: 

Promotional offers are NOT valid with any other promotions. Not exchangeable for cash. Offer is limited to one per person.

Wilco VIP Membership: 

$0 call out fee is only applicable between 7am-3pm, Mon-Fri. 15% discount is NOT valid on the weekends.