Quick & Easy Toilet Repairs in Bankstown

Believe it or not, repairing a toilet is not as difficult as you might think. Quite possibly the most difficult part of fixing a toilet is actually locating the problem or the leak itself.  When searching for a toilet leak, there are many common places that should be inspected first.  The best place to initially look is at the wax seal. 

After many years of wear and tear, the wax seal can actually thin and wear out around the edges allowing water to seep through.  Another common place to look for a water leak is the connection to the supply tube.  By becoming dislodged or broken, the bridge between the two pieces can definitely create the toilet to leak.  If neither of these two parts is causing a leak, water could be coming from the connection between the bowl and the actual tank.  If this component is not properly aligned, a water leak will occur. 

Lastly, a toilet leak could be coming from an overflow in the tank that is due to clogging in the overflow tube.  Although toilet repairs might be necessary due to other factors, these are easily the most common types of problematic issues. If you find yourself struggling then don’t hesitate as Wilco Plumbing can look after all of your toilet repairs as well as new toilet installations.

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We repair, supply & install all leading brands of toilets including;

  • Caroma
  • FowlerToilet Repairs Bankstown
  • Villeroy
  • Boch
  • Vitra
  • Johnson & Suisse
  • Raymor
  • Posh
  • Ideal Standard plus many more.

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