Unwanted Blocked Drains Guildford

An Unwanted Blocked Drain Without question, a blocked drain is one of the most frustrating and potentially time consuming issues that people can encounter. Whether it’s a kitchen sink, bathroom sink, toilet or bathtub, a blocked drain is never convenient and can often lead to a very messy cleanup. When dealing with blocked drains, it’s important to know exactly what causes the build up to happen. Virtually anything that goes down a drain, including grease, hair, toys, oil, canister tops, fat, and food can possibly lead to blockage in a drain.

With solid items, like toys and plastic caps, it’s somewhat obvious how a drain ends up clogged, but with things like fat and grease, blockage occurs differently. Initially going into a drain as a thick, hot substance, oil and grease will slowly block a drain at first because of its thick qualities. As the hot liquid becomes cooler, it starts to solidify and will cause a complete block in any drain.

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